Dec 4

Skin Slide/Bulge Demo

Ok, So I promised I’d share this little tip for having a skin slide effect but have it bone driven.

I’ve included the file so that you all can just play around with it and see how it all works so that I don’t have to go through it too much in depth. I’m feeling lazy today so you have to forgive me.

The basic premise behind it is using a lofted surface that is driven by rebuilt curves. The curves are skinned to 3 joints; one on each end of the middle and one it the middle of the curve. Then there are rivet locators that ride on top of the nurbs surface. Under each rivet is a joint that is used for skinning the poly object. Then you have to paint the poly surface as to how you want to the surface to deform from the driven nurbs surface.

There are offset controls that ride with the nurbs surface as well to give even more control. I put it all into layers so that you can turn on what is going on underneath.

Sorry for the delay. Hope you enjoy this.

I used this technique in production on a piano for the piano keys. Worked well for making it look cartoony.

Maya File:

2 Responses

  1. ShihMing Says:

    Nice one Sean. I guess this will be very useful in game setups eh? :)

  2. Sean Danyi Says:

    I’ve been looking at the file you provided, and I’m completely stumped at how you’re getting the curves to behave in the manner you are. I can’t even see a way to duplicate the hierarchy (original curve -> tweak -> skin cluster -> rebuild curve -> curve shape) without creating the tweak and rebuild nodes by hand. Even then, what do they do?

    Can you shed any light on how to build the curves, and make them behave the way they do? The rest I understand… I guess that’s something.

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